“I worked with Abby throughout my entire undergraduate career. When I started college, I had a lot of anxiety when it came to writing papers. Abby did an amazing job teaching me skills and strategies to tackle papers bit by bit. Abby is patient, compassionate, and insightful. Abby gave me confidence and the support I needed on term papers, presentations, and my applications to graduate school. When I started college, I never thought I’d end up in a profession where I would be writing every day. Now I am in a PhD program! Abby is amazing, and I was very lucky to have worked with her.”

—Emily Sumner, PhD Student in Cognitive Science

“I had been working on my paper for some time, and while I felt that something was missing, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what needed to be done to elevate it to publishable form. Enter Abby G. Abby sent me insightful (but also encouraging!) feedback, covering a wide range of issues I had managed to miss. I am impressed with Abby’s attention to detail and her ability to “see” various ways in which a paper can take form—even if the writer herself can’t. I would not be exaggerating if I said that Abby saved my paper.”

—Dr. Michal Kofman, Assistant Professor of Sociology

“I have been working with Abby since I was an undergraduate student. Throughout the years, she has helped me with seminar papers, as well as grant applications and personal statements for graduate school. Abby’s advice has been invaluable. She provides comments that address lower-order concerns such as grammar and punctuation, and most importantly, she carefully examines how an argument is developed throughout an entire piece. Her kind and engaging feedback always leaves me feeling inspired to make my writing better.”

—Marius Kothor, PhD Student in History

“I love working with Abby. She helps the writer put their thoughts together. Working with Abby has made me a stronger writer. Give her a chance to help you—you won’t regret it.”

—Tahreem Kamal, Postbac/Premed Student