Feeling stuck or overwhelmed with your writing? Do you need a fresh, constructive perspective on a draft or a supportive conversation space to work through ideas? I can help! My services include:

Draft Review

I provide feedback in the form of in-text comments and questions, followed by a “reader report” that summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of your project and offers global advice for revision and improvement. I focus on any particular aspects of the text you request and am especially adept at identifying ways to:

  • Strengthen and clarify argument
  • Improve cohesion and organization
  • Build compelling introductions, transitions, and conclusions
  • Develop the author’s unique voice

One-Hour Skype Session

Like a therapy session for your writing! Depending on where you are in the writing process, our session can provide a time to brainstorm, process ideas, refine arguments, organize material, discuss set-backs, and set goals.

Sustained Project Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed by an approaching deadline? I can help you make a plan and stay on track with regular deadlines, check-ins, draft reviews, and general support.

Let’s Talk about Money

All this might cost less than you think! For rates and related information, please click here.

Need Editing?

I am a professional writing coach but not a professional editor. If you are looking for someone to fine-tune and polish a product at the end of your writing process, please consult the best editor I know, Joshua Boydstun.