Let’s Talk about Money

My rates reflect a strong commitment to making these services accessible to all writers. If the rates below present a hardship for you, let’s talk. I am open to barter/skills trade. I also offer substantial discounts to writers who describe themselves as:

  • first-generation students
  • educationally, socially, or economically disadvantaged
  • without consistent income or family support
  • facing economic hardship

Also, please be aware that 25% of all my profits are split into regular donations to the following education-based organizations:

The Posse Foundation

The American Indian College Fund

Rates for Services

Draft Review

Up to 1,500 words (3-day turnaround): $25

Up to 5,000 words (5-day turnaround): $35

Up to 10,000 words (7-day turnaround): $50

*Rush turnaround is available for an extra charge; terms negotiable

Skype Sessions

One-hour Skype session: $30

Two session package: $50

Sustained Project Coaching

Let’s talk about your situation! Rates begin at $50/week and vary depending on your project’s timeline and the amount of support needed.