Meet Abby

Glogower_19 Cents HeadshotMy name is Abby Glogower. I hold a BA from Oberlin College, an MA in art history from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an MA and PhD in visual and cultural studies from the University of Rochester. My dissertation focused on the politics of representation in group portraiture and nineteenth-century United States history.

Earning these degrees was never a foregone conclusion; my path has been full of twists and turns. I took my time getting through school and had a lot of adventures along the way, which included extensive travel throughout the country and living as a musician, artist, and writer. I have also worked consistently throughout my education, developing strengths in library and museum education, collections curation, classroom instruction, and writing coaching. My academic work required that I face down a number of my own writing demons, and I have discovered that I love helping other students and writers do the same.

My qualifications in teaching and writing support include:

  • Seven years as a writing consultant and tutor in the writing centers at the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Two years teaching WRT 105 (Reasoning and Writing in the College) at the University of Rochester
  • Six years as an instructor and teaching assistant in college-level Art History
  • Six years as a judge for the University of Rochester Undergraduate Writing Colloquium Contest
  • Three years as book reviews editor and editorial board member of a peer-reviewed academic journal, InVisible Culture
  • Publishing a number of original scholarly essays, book reviews, and blog posts

I know how hard writing can be, but I also know how triumphant it feels to see projects through to completion. Often, bad feelings block the path to good work. Therefore, my approach prioritizes decreasing anxiety and building confidence. Don’t worry, I’m still tough. I just treat every writer as a holistic individual possessing unique strengths, challenges, and circumstances.

If you are curious about my professional career as a curator and educator, you can find more about me on LinkedIn and more about my scholarly writing on

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking vegetarian food, doing gentle yoga, riding my bike, dabbling in craft projects, reading American realist fiction, and snuggling with my three dogs, Emmett, Judah, and Lucy.